Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing there in the United States! Things are going great here. I don´t know what all to say this week. It was transfers. I´m still here. It was fun being able to play a big role in transfers. Mom asked if Elder Keller and I have a say in transfers, and we actually do. President Hinckley has the final say, but we´ll throw out suggestions and he´ll often time use what we suggest. So that´s fun. It was really good, and I feel really good about the transfers.
So I´m putting some pictures on here. The first one is a picture when we taught Alberto, his mom, and his sister how to tie ties. It goes left to right: Elder Keller, Ana María (Alberto´s mom), Alberto, me, Íviris (Alberto´s sister). Things continue going well with them. They´re progressing slowly, but they´re progressing. The next picture is of me on a street that we took one night. The next is of (left to right) Vladimir (our ward mission leader), me, Elder Keller, Ana María, Alberto, and Jaime. It was at a ward activity for Valentines day. It went really well, and Alberto´s mom came, so that was fun. Now we just need to find a way to get her there on Sunday morning for church. The next picture is of President and Hermana Hinckley in front of a building that we think should be the temple site for the Spain Barcelona Temple. It´s on a hill/mountain called Tibidabo. Next is a street sign that explains what happens in the Spain Barcelona street. Alright. That´s it for pictures.
This past week Elder Keller and I taught 20 lessons! So that was good. It´s really hard with all of the other things we have to do to teach 20 lessons, but we were able to get it done. This week, with transfers and all, we´re a bit behind, but we´ll see if we can do it. All of the missionaries going home left this morning. Elder Keller and I didn´t get to go to the airport this time, because there were only four missionaries going, so they figured they could fit everyone in one van if we didn´t go. So that´s what happened. I don´t know if I told all of you, but I drive now. It´s crazy driving here too. There´s so much traffic, and the lanes are narrow, and they have huge multi-lane roundabouts, and motorcycles and scooters always are driving inbetween you, etc. It´s crazy. It´s fun though. Anyways, also with transfers Elder Keller and I had to film all of the missionaries going home for the movie we make each transfer. I don´t know if you know, but the Hinckleys said they put the movie up on the blog. I guess there´s a lot of stuff on the mission blog, so you should all follow that and you´ll know a lot more what it´s like here. Last night we had "Singing for the Angels," which is where we go down to Plaça Catalunya and sing. We have four companionships out contacting people when they stop to listen to us. I was contacting a guy yesterday that was really good. He was on a bike, but stopped to talk for a while. I gave him a Book of Mormon and he loved it. I hope he gets baptized soon. Anyways, I saw President Hinckley take a picture of me while I was contacting him, so you might be able to see that on the blog sometime soon.
Today we´re hopefully going to do something fun for Preparation Day. We might go see Tibidabo, which is a catholic church where tradition says is the mountain where Christ was taken when he was fasting. It overlooks Barcelona, and the traditions say that Satan took Christ up there and tempted him with the city of Barcelona. Anyways, if we go I´ll take pictures.
Well, I can´t think of much else to say. Things are going great here. I´m going to go write the individual letters now though. Have a great week.

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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