Family and friends! How´s everyone doing? I´m doing great this morning here in Barcelona. We just got done studying and I feel so inspired and excited now, so that´s good. I decided this week I´m going to attach my letter to the President to everyone so that I don´t have to repeat as much stuff. So here it is:

President Hinckley, this past week has been incredible here in Barcelona. We continue to be blessed with miracles. Nancy continues working towards baptism, and we now have a lady named Juana who is also going to be baptized. Nancy´s daughter will also probably be baptized with her at the end of this month, and Juana´s 8 year old son will also probably be baptized with her on April 9th. We´re also starting to change how we work to see even more miracles. We just got done reading The Sister Susan Fulcher case and The Everett Ward in our personal and companionship studies. It went along perfectly with what we´ve been talking about the past few days. This past week Elder Keller and I have been talking about how we feel like we´ve been doing really well at contacting, and as a result we´re getting a lot of new investigators, teaching a lot, etc. However, many of the investigators really aren´t progressing. We were talking about how we feel like we need to work a lot more with the members and develop a better relationship with the members, then yesterday we got the e-mail from you with the Sister Susan Fulcher and the Everett Ward cases. It was perfect. We can really tell that you received revelation. We´ve already talked about some things that we´re going to start doing to be able to step up to the next level, where instead of having 4 missionaries in our ward, we can get everyone involved and essentially have over 100 missionaries. We´re going to learn a lot more about our current investigators so that the ward can help more with them and know who they are. WE´re also going to put pictures of the investigators on our informe de progresso, as well as a paragraph or two describing each of our progressing investigators. We´re also going to start visiting members. We´ve visited a few members, but we really haven´t developed a really good relationship with many members, we´re changing that now. I can hardly describe how excited I am now. I just see how much better we can become. This is something that as it gets hold around the whole mission is going to make us "much, much better." Also, I don´t know what the plans are for transfers, but Elder Keller and I have talked about it, and we would love to be able to stay together one more transfer. There is so much potential and I fell like we´re starting to see a lot of success come into our area and the mission as a whole. So if that´s an option we would love to stay together one more transfer. This past week we also did intercambios with the Barcelona Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Cannell. It went really well. My studies are going well. I continue reading in the Book of Mormon everyday and applying it to our area and the mission as a whole. I love it. Elder Keller and I get along great and we´ve become a very unified companionship. Overall, I love being a missionary. Thanks for all you do.

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

There´s the letter to the president. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I´m going to try and attach a few pictures. Actually, I don´t know why, but it won´t read my card. I´ll send home a DVD in a few weeks instead with 1000 pictures or so that you can see. Alright, so I said in my President´s Letter that Nancy and Juana both have baptismal dates. Nancy is doing incredible. We set the date last week, and she´s just completely changed. She´ll be baptized the 26th of March. WE´re also working a lot with her 16-year old daughter so that she can be baptized the same day. Her husband is in Perú right now, but he comes back the 15th of March, so we´ll see what we can do after he gets back. She said he´s not very religious, but we´ll get something worked out. Okay, what else. So a few days ago Elder Keller and I contacted a lady named Juana. We had a visit with her this past week and she´s incredible. She´s from the Dominican Republic. She has an 8-year old son named Carlos. She was living with a guy for a long time (I don´t think they were married, but they were pretty much a family), and then he died 3 years ago. Also, 5 years ago her mom died. She´s sad about it, but she´s still a really happy, fun person. She´s probably about 35 or so, and we invited her to be baptized and she accepted, as well as accepting to come to church every Sunday, to visit with us 3 times a week, and to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She also gave us the information of one of her friends to teach, and said she´s going to bring her son, Carlos to church. So we´ll hopefully get both of them baptized on April 9th. I´m super excited for them. We also continue working a lot with our other investigators. We have Jean Pierre, Isabel´s son, who´s doing really well. Also, Christian continues to do well, and could be baptized any day here. Things are just going great. THis next week we´re going to be gone almost all week with zone conferences, but we´ll keep in contact by phone with everyone. We´re flying to Bilbao Monday night, then on Tuesday we´ll have the zone conference in Bilbao, then we´ll drive with the Hinckleys to Lleida, have the zone conference there, then we´ll drive back to Barcelona and that same night Elder Keller and I will fly out to Palma! I´m going back finally! I´m so happy. We´ll do intercambios with them on Thursday, then on Friday we´ll have zone conference with them. I´ll get to see Damaris and Dana again, so that will be a lot of fun. Well, overall things are going great here. I love being a missionary. I´m going to end this though so I still have a little time to write the individuals. Have a great week! ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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