Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing? Things are going great here. Our preparation day´s earlier on this week because this afternoon we´re headed off to Bilbao. Then tomorrow morning we´re catching a bus to Vitoria for the zone conference there. Then after the conference we´ll drive with the Hinckleys to Lleida for a zone conference there, then after that we drive back to Barcelona, but Elder Keller and I will just be dropped off at the airport to fly out to Palma. We´ll be in Palma all day Thursday doing intercambios with them. Then on Friday we have the conference in Palma and Friday night we´ll get back to Barcelona. So it´s fun stuff. Things are going great here though. We had an incredible week here in our area, and the mission´s doing really well too. Elder Keller and I got all of the standards of excellence this past week. That´s super hard to do as ayudantes, because we don´t have as much time. We got all of the standards of excellence and we taught 20 lessons. The standards of excellence is to have 2 investigators with a baptismal date (which is what we have), 5 investigators in church (which is what we had), 10 lessons to investigators with a member present (we had 11), 4 new investigators (we had 11). So we´re pretty excited about how well the week went. Nancy is doing great for the 26th of March. We´ve taught her everything, and she would be baptized sooner, but she needs to talk to her husband first. Mom, you asked if she needs permission from them to be baptized. We´re not supposed to baptize someone without their spouses consent. With kids under 18 the parents need to sign. In this case he doesn´t need to sign, but it just wouldn´t be good if she got baptized and he wasn´t okay with it. Nancy came to church this past week though, and she came a little bit late so there wasn´t a seat by Elder Keller and I, but she sat next to another lady who started talking to her, then she went to gospel principles and someone else sat by her, and overall she´s doing great. So we´re really excited. This next week with us being gone, we´re going to call her twice, but the other 4 days other hermanas in the relief society are going to call her and see how she´s doing, etc. She´ll be baptized in about 2 weeks. We´re still working with her daughter, Stefani, to hopefully help her be baptized as well.
We also continue working with Juana. She fired on her second visit because she had to go to Madrid. Then we passed by Saturday night to see if she was back (her phone broke, so we couldn´t call her), and she had a ton of people over for a party/dinner thing. We only had like 2 minutes but she insisted we come in and she presented us to all of her friends and all. So that´s good she´s not embarrassed about investigating the church. She´s set to be baptized the 9th of April, and she has an 8 year old son, Carlos, who I´m sure will be baptized with her. We also have Gina and Jorge who are doing well. Jorge´s a less-active member, and Gina, his wife, is not a member. She hasn´t accepted to be baptized yet, but we started taking a lady with us, Fabiola, who has helped a ton. Gina and Fabiola have become good friends, so I think Fabiola will be key in helping Gina get baptized.
So today for preparation day it´s going to be another day where we don´t do much. We have to go to a car place and get new cars. The church is having us renew all the cars. So that´ll be a fun day. Then we have to end our preparation day a little early so we can be to the airport on time. We also need to finish planning for the workshop we´re doing in all the zone conferences with working more effectively with members, so that will take up a bunch of our time. It´ll still be a good day though. Well, I can´t think of much else new. I think I might wrap this up. I think next week we´re taking our preparation day on Monday, so I´ll write more next week. Have a great week. ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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