Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing? So I finally got my memory card back from the member that had it. He wasn´t able to get the DVD´s made, so you´ll have to wait a bit on that... I can send a few pictures home this week though. Actually, it´s not working, and I´ve wasted a ton of time trying to get it to work. SOrry... Maybe next week.

So I guess the biggest news of this week is that Elder Jacinto and I are still companions, but we´re in a trio now. A new Elder, Elder Bennington came and we´re training him together. So yeah. He´s been waiting his for his visa for a while and actually served for 2 months in the Los Angeles mission, then just recently got it, came, and now we´re training him in this mission. So yeah. He´s a good missionary. It´s weird being in a trio. There are some benefits though, one is that we can enter in even if it´s just a single women. The rule is that you need to take another person with you, but President Hinckley said if you have 3 missionaries that it´s okay too. So now if a member cancels on us or something we can still enter. So that´s nice. Also, Dana is still progressing well to be baptized. She´ll be baptized the 9th of October, so that´s good. Let´s see, also we did intercambios this past week. I was with Elder Cannell who is from my group (we started at the same time). So that was fun. It went well. We stayed in our area. Also, on Tuesday we went out to Manacor for a district meeting, and afterwards the Thompsons (a senior couple) took us all out to lunch. We went to a really nice Japanese buffet restaurant. It was a ton of fun. The restuarant had a conveyer belt and the workers just put a bunch of small plates on and we just grabbed the food off as it passed us. I probably had 15 plates or so. It was super good though. Also, this past week one of our investigators, Xisca, asked us to dedicate her store. She has a little sewing store, so we did that. That was interesting. It´s like her house, so we just dedicated it in a prayer and all. It was good though. She´s really good, but we´ve only been able to visit her once, because she´s super busy. Also, when we visited Dana this past week we took the Branch President´s daughter, since she´s about the same age, so that cita went really well. Also, we set up Family Home Evening for tonight with Dana, her mom Damaris, and the Branch President and his family. SO that should be good. All in all, this week was not a very good week. We had one of the worse weeks I´ve had since we got here. Next week will be better though. Another thing that happened this week is that I got a call from a recent convert/less active, but re-activating member on Friday and she had to move out of her Piso that day. So we called the Elder´s Chorum president and the three of us missionaries, plus a couple members moved all her stuff. It took a long time though... It´s all done now though. Her name´s Maria. I feel really bad for her. The guy she was living with before a couple weeks ago drinks a lot, and a couple weeks ago he got drunk, beat her, and almost threw her out the third story window... He´s in jail now and might be deported back to Ecuador. She´s doing a lot better though, so that´s good. I just hope everything works out for her. Oh, do you remember José Luis and Mildred? We haven´t been able to visit them for about a month because of his work, but he finally has more time now, so we visited them twice this past week, and they´re doing super good. They didn´t come to church though... We´ll get them to come this next week. Well, I need to be going and write the individual letters now, but have a great week and I´ll write more next week. ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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