Family and Friends! How´s everyone going? First off, good luck John! You´re going to love your mission. Okay, so for pictures, the first one is of Elder Bennington, me, Dana (the girl that´s getting baptized this Saturday!), and Elder Jacinto. We all had ginormous grapes in our cheeks, hence the funny faces. Dana´s a really cute girl though. The next one is me in front of this building called Pueblo Español. I was going to get more pictures of it, but my battery on my camera died... The next picture is of all of us missionaries here in Palma with a family. The dad´s name is David, the mom´s name is Vanessa, the oldest daughter´s name is Marta, and the son´s name is Jorge. I can´t remember the little girl´s name though. There members though, and we eat with them usually once a week. WE took the picture because it was Elder Henrie´s last time... he got transferred... We actually just got done dropping him off. Speaking of transfers, I´m staying. I´ll talk more about that later though. The next picture is of a view from up on top of this mountain where we went and took a few pictures. It was raining though, so the pictures didn´t turn out so good... Next is of me when we took all the pictures and I was outside in the rain (actually, I´m not sure if that one attached, sorry...). Finally, the last picture is of Elder Bennington, Elder Henrie, and I right before Elder Henrie left. I cut my hair last night by the way, so my hair´s shorter. I hope it looks good. It´s kind of funny how I´ve learned how to cut my own hair on the mission. It´s not as hard as I would´ve thought it would be.

Anyways, so Elder Henrie left. He´s going to Sabadell. We´ll miss him. Elder Jacinto and I stay companions, but Elder Bennington won´t be our companion anymore... So that´s kind of sad. He was a good companion. He´s going to be Elder Cannell´s companion, which is the other branch in Palma, and we share a piso, so we´re almost still companions. So that´s good. Elder Jacinto and I are going to be training again too... It´s crazy. They´re having zone leaders train a lot of the new missionaries now. I don´t know why, but that´s what the Lord wants now I guess. So I´m training for the third time now, which usually never happens. I´ll let you know how the new companion is next week. He comes in this afternoon. Elder Jacinto and I stay together though for at least another transfer though, so that´s good. We´ve been together for two transfers now, so he´ll be my longest companion yet. So, this past week we had interviews with President Hinckley on Tuesday. So we had our district meeting, and Elder Jacinto and I talked a lot about what we need to do to get 400 baptisms by the end of the year in our mission. It went really good. Then we got kebab, then President came, ate with us, then we had interviews. So that was good. In my interview I basically told President Hinckley that I wanted to stay here with Elder Jacinto for another transfer, and he said they´d decided that they weren´t going to change a good thing, and he told me that unless he got a strong impression before Sunday to change, that we´d be staying companions. And that happened. So that´s good. It´ll be a bit weird without Elder Bennington though. The three of us have become good friends in these past few weeks.

Anyways, the other big thing about this week is that we now have 7 investigators with baptismal dates in our area! We have Dana for this Saturday, she´s doing really well, then we have Augusto, Paula, Cyril, Wally, Segundo, and John. They´re all doing fairly well. Dana´s great, Augusto´s doing really well, and Segundo´s doing really well. The other´s are doing well, but it´s hard to tell right now because they´re still fairly new. I´m excited for that though. In our zone we have 21 investigators with baptismal dates. That´s the highest it´s ever been. THere used to be six companionships in our zone and the most our zone has ever had is 10 investigators with baptismal dates, so we´re more than double that, and we only have 4 companionships... So that´s super good. The whole mission is doing really well. We´re all working hard and we´re determined to get our goal of 400 baptisms, but in our zone we´re shooting for 404. So yeah. It´s an exciting time right now.

This past week we had one day where we did splits with a member and I went around with Miguel Angel. It was really good. He´s a recent convert, so while we were doing splits, we had a visit. We made a mission plan for him to help all of his friends and family, because none of them are members. That went really well. We came up with a bunch of plans and things we can do. So that was good. Well, I don´t really know what else to say. It´s been a good week though. This week is looking like it´ll be a bit stressful, but hopefully it still goes well. Pray for us though.

This past week there´s been a lot of rain too. We were going to go on an excursion this morning with the young single adults and some of our investigators, but it was pouring... so we weren´t able to. Also, Sunday morning it was pouring rain, and none of our investigators came to church, and right at 10:00 when we were supposed to start there were probably only 15 people or so at church. It´s crazy how the rain just kept people from coming. Anyways, I´m going to go and right the individual letters now though. Have a fantastic week. ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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