9/13/2010 - sorry this is out of order...

Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing? THings are going well here in Palma de Mallorca. So BYU lost? That´s too bad. I hope they get everything worked out so that when I´m back we can have a really good season. Anyways, things here are going alright. I don´t have as much to say because it was just last Wednesday that I last wrote. We´re still working with Cyril who has a baptismal date for the 2nd of October. He´s not sure if he´s going to be ready by the 2nd, so we´re trying to help him to just pray and get an answer about The Book of Mormon. That´s really all he needs, then the rest will come after that. He just needs to get that testimony. Overall in the zone things weren´t the greatest this past week. We lost 5 baptismal dates... So that´s not good. HOpefully we can get them all baptized here soon though. Okay, so really quickly, something interesting. So yesterday I got a call from Elder Parry and guess what, he saw Camille (cousin) and Nathan in his ward in Barcelona! He said she asked him how long he´d been in the mission then said, "you wouldn´t happen to know an Elder Sommerfeldt would you?" He said that I was a trainer and yeah. So that´s kind of cool. I guess they were on a cruise or something. Also, a quick update on Elder Jacinto´s ankle and all from last week. So we went to the hospital and after a lot of money we figured out that it´s not broken or anything. It´s just a really bad sprain. The doctor told him not to walk on it for a week or so. We´ve been walking a lot still though... But we´re taking breaks and such. It got way swollen and bruised though. It was pretty bad. It´s still swollen and bruised, but it´s getting better. He can almost walk normal now, so that´s good. But yeah, everything´s pretty much back to normal with that now. Anyways, so that same night we had English Classes starting. So Elder Jacinto went to the hospital in sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt, and I was in my white shirt, tie, with my briefcase, etc. So the doctors all kind of looked at me like I was his lawyer or something, that was funny. Then, we almost didn´t have time to make it to English class, but we got there right when we were supposed to start, but we didn´t have time for Elder Jacinto to change, so he taught the class in short and a t-shirt. That doesn´t happen very often... Then we had a visit with a recent convert right after (we stayed in the church for the visit), so we taught a lesson with him in sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt. It was weird. Anyways, the next day we had District Meeting. Elder Jacinto and I talked about the importance of revelation through prayer. It´s one of the lessons that the church came out with to help people implement Preach My Gospel better. Also Thursday morning, one of our investigators Mildred called us up because she made us empanadas and wanted us to come pick them up. So that was nice of her. She´s almost like a member, except she needs to get married before she can get baptized, and she and her husband (José Luis) need to start coming to church. We´re working on it though. Also, there´s this girl named Alex who´s actually half American. She lived in New York for 12 years. Her mom or dad is from the U.S. and the other one is from France, and she´s married to a Spaniard now. Apparently before we got here though she came to church several times and wanted to get baptized, but went out of town to France for a month or two, but she´s back now! We have a cita set up with her for this next Tuesday, so we´ll see what happens with that in the end. Hopefully we can help her gain a testimony and be baptized in the end. We also have this guy named Herlín that´s just doing really good. He´s really nice too. For example, on Thursday, the day after Elder Jacinto hurt his ankle, he came to the church for the visit so we didn´t have to walk out to his house, then he drove us to our next cita after. Anyways, I´m going to copy and paste from the President´s letter to tell about him. "We also have an investigator named Herlín that´s doing very well. He´s an antiguo investigador who was dropped because he´s not married to his pareja and his ex-wife wanted $18,000 for a divorce. However, when we found him, his ex-wife is now fine with getting ña divorce, and his pareja is going to have a baby any day now, so he´s worried a lot about making his family a really good family. He should be divorced in 2-3 months. Almost every lesson we´ve had with him has gone differently than planned becasue the spirit has guided every lesson. One time we even taught the Word of Wisdom instead of The Restoration. We gave him a blessing of strength afterwards and he´s doing a lot better now. It´s been really nice to see how much better things can go when we follow what the spirit´s planned instead of what we´ve planned." So yeah. He´s doing pretty good. It´ll be a couple months before he can be baptized though. Also, Elizabeth, she got baptized the weekend before Elder Jacinto and I came here is doing really good too. She invited us over to eat on Tuesday and Sunday this past week. We´re becoming better friends with her kids as well, Mariel and Salvador and one day we even got Mariel to stay for the message after eating. So we´ll see if we can´t help them accept the gospel as well. Well, I can´t think of a whole lot more that´s new, so I´m going to go ahead and end this. I hope you all have fantastic weeks though, and I´ll talk to you all later. ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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