Family and friends! How´s everyone doing? Things are going great here for me in Castellón. THis past week has been incredible with teaching. We were able to teach 32 lessons this past week, plus one to members. So 33, but 32 that count. That´s a lot. The most I´ve ever had before was 27 or 28. Anyways, so that was good. I think it´s mainly because of all of the new investigators we have that we´re visiting with and such, while still trying to visit with all the recent converts and less actives. It´s difficult sometimes, but it´s better to be busy than have nothing to do. Well, first off, I´m going to go ahead and attach some pictures for you guys. The first one is of me in front of one of the tanks. I think it was the one I was going to send last week, that didn´t work. It´s in front of the tank with Nemo. The next one is one of the beluga whale that we saw. The next one is of Bianca, Bruna, me, and Elder Parry (going left to right). They´re the daughters of Celia and they´re going to Germany today for a couple months because Celia´s husband, their dad, is there working right now. So they´ll spend the summer with him, and I probably won´t see them again because I¨ll probably be transferred before they come back. I always imitate Bruna, and she was sitting like that on the couch, so I did the same thing and so Bianca and Elder Parry did the same thing for the photo. The next one is of a poster for a cell phone company here and it has a girl on it and everytime I see it I think it looks a lot like Leah, so you can tell me what you think. And the last picture is of Nemo. So yeah. I hope you enjoy those pictures, and if you want to see them, ask mom and dad for them to forward them to you.
Anyways, everything is going great here. This past Wednesday we had a cool experience. We were coming back from District Meeting in Valencia and Elder Parry wanted a drink, so we went to a Consuum (a grocery store) to get him a drink. Anyways, when we walked out it was raining so he was drinking it under a balcony to stay dry and another lady was there too named Barbara. We started talking to her and she eventually asked what we were doing here, so we told her, and long story short we set up a cita with her for the next day, went and taught her, and her 25 year old (more or less) daughter as well. So that was nice. She´s evangelist, and was at her church this sunday, so she didn´t come to church with us. We´ll see what we can do to help her though. Thing continue going well with Lissette, except we´re pretty sure she´s not married to the guy she´s living with, so that could be a problem, and it kind of seems like she wants to leave him, which would be good, but they have a child, and it seems like she might leave him for another guy. Needless to say we´ll be teaching the Law of Chastity tomorrow, so we´ll see how that all goes. Also, I don´t know if you guys remember hearing about Jhonatan. He´s an investigator that had a baptismal date, then left to Madrid, but he came back this past week, and we re-set it for this Saturday, but then he didn´t come to church and we haven´t been able to get in contact with him. So it´s been a bit of a pain. The member that went to pick him up said that his dad answered and said he was in bed with a hang over... So that´s a problem we´ll have to work with. THe good news is that Alex and Mihaela´s family is doing fairly well. WEll, their children are. THey sitll haven´t come to church, but Alex and Adina both came again, on Saturday Alex went an hour away to Valencia for a 2 hour stake Priesthood meeting and liked it, and he came with us to a FHE last night too. The biggest problem there is that it´s hard to get times that we can visit them. We´re going to start trying to at least visit Alex, and if the rest of the family isn´t there, then we´ll continue with Alex, and the rest of the family will just progress a bit slower. So yeah. That´s the news there. Also, we re-set a date with Kenny, from Jamaica, for July 10th. He also came to church this past week, so that´s good. Julian, from Brasil, continues coming to english classes every saturday and to church every sunday, but he still doesn´t want to get baptized. THis Wednesday´s his birthday, so we set up a little cita to give him cookies/see where he´s at and how he feels about baptism now. We´ll see I guess. Well, I need to be wrapping this up. Overall, it´s been a good week, we have zone conference this week, so I can write about that next week, and have a great week. ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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