Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing? WEll, I guess the big news for the week is CONGRATULATIONS PETEY FOR GETTING THE MISSION CALL!!!!!!!!! That´s sweet. New Hampshire will be great. I´m sure you´ll love it. I´ll write more in your individual paragraph. Anyways, so that´s that. Thigs have been going pretty good here, but this week actually hasn´t been the best week by any means. We´ve had some good things, but bad things too. First off, Julian didn´t get baptized. Long story short, he was gone for several days in a far away pueblo, and we weren´t able to contact him. Anyways, we got back in contact, and he´s not convinced our church is the only one. I do´nt know, we´re probably going to have to drop him temporarily, just because he´s been in the same situation for like 3 weeks, where he´s ready for baptism, we´ve taught him everything, he just won´t get baptized. It´s sad, because he´s a really good guy, but that´s what we´ll probably have to do. He´ll hopefully get baptized in the future though. Okay, I¨m going to attach some pictures. The first one is of the wiseman picture I drew, it´s done now, signed and all. THe second and third pictures are of a picture I started drawing last night. I´ve only worked on it for about half an hour now. It´s an elephant though! I´m doing it with charcoal. I´ve never drawn with charcoal before, but Valeria, the recent convert that´s an artist gave it to me. So yeah. I´m getting some practice with it now. The fourth picture is of me! It´s also so you can see my new haircut, that I cut myself! I´ve learned how to cut my own hair on the mission, to save money, etc. SO yeah, you´ll be able to see what it looks like. I cut it last week, but I took the picture this morning. It´s not bad. Okay, so what else is new. Guillermo called us last Monday and told us he doesn´t want to continue with us anymore. We´ve since then visited with him, and he´s decided he wants to keep listening, he´s just worried that if he gets baptized that he won´t be able to keep all the commandments, and he doesn´t want to let God down. So we´ll see how that goes. Also, I told you about Jhonatan last week. We had three citas set up with him this past week and he´s never been there. WE´ve called him a billion times and he´s never answered. So yeah, we´ll keep trying this week, but he´s not as hopeful now. However, we set two new baptismal dates this past week! ONe with a guy named Reginaldo, but he´s actually going to be going to Valencia, so he´ll probably get baptized there, and the other one´s with someone named Julio that we just met yesterday. And Bruce, here´s something interesting, both Julio and Reginaldo are from Brasil. So maybe I´ll get to baptize a Brasilian here. We have a couple families that are either brasilian or portuguese, so yeah, there´s already a good support for them there. Anyways, let´s see, what else is new here. Oh, the jacket rule came off this past week!!!! SO now we don´t have to wear jackets anymore. That´s nice. This past week we also made no-bake cookies. I haven´t made them since Vilafranca, but they turned out really good. They´re all gone now though. Well, that´s the gist of what´s happened here, and I´m running a little bit shorter on time I think, so I¨m going to go ahead and send this. I hope you all have great weeks with everything though. ¡Chao!-Elder SommerfeldtP.S. If anyone wants to see the pictures, ask mom and dad to send them to you.

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