Family and friends! How´s everyone doing? So first off, I´m still here in Castellón. I didn´t get transferred. Nothing changed with Elder Parry and me, so we´ll be here for at least another 6 weeks. I´m glad. I like it here. Well, to start off, last week for preparation day as I said we went to the aquarium in Valencia! It was so fun. I´m going to attach some pictures so you can see them. My battery died half way through, so some of them are from Elder Parry´s camera. Also, we couldn´t have flash on, so a lot of them are a bit blurry. Anyways, the first one is a shark we saw. They have tunnels that you go through that are right in the middle of the aquarium. So sharks and everything would swim right over us. It was cool. The next picture is of our zone that went to the aquarium. The next one is of a sea horse. They had a tank with a bunch of little sea horses, so yeah. The next one is of Elder Parry and I while we were waiting for all the missionaries to come so we could go to the aquarium. The last one is of me in front of one of the tanks, there was a Nemo fish in there too. THere´s a lot more, but you´ll just have to see the rest when I send home a DVD or CD of pictures.
So, things are going great here. We did have a few bad things too though. Both Kenny and Jhonatan lost their baptismal dates because neither one of them came to church. However, we set two new baptismal dates that look a lot more hopeful, and we´re still going to work with Kenny, and Jhonatan went to Madrid for a few weeks, so we´ll talk with him when he comes back. Anyways, we set a baptismal date first off with a guy named Francis. Francis is from Nigeria. He is currently looking for work, and just got told he has to move out, and hearing about the gospel and reading in the Book of Mormon brings him peace and such. He´s looking pretty good. This past Sunday he couldn´t come to church, but he said that this next Sunday he´d walk an hour if he had to to follow us to church. It´s only about five minutes away from his house though, so that´s nice. His date is for the 10th of July right now. Next we have Lissette. So we were teaching Guillermo, right? Well, he said he didn´t want to continue, but we asked him who else we could teach, and Lissette happened to be right there, so we started teaching her. She set her date for the 9th of August because it´s her birthday, but she said if she feels ready sooner, like in July, she´ll get baptized sooner. I hope she does too, because the 9th of August I might not be here anymore. We´ll see what happens though I guess. Lissette is a catholic, but she´s a typical catholic that´s never read the bible, and goes to church not very often. She told us when she heard how we baptize by immersion that she had desires to be baptized like that. So now we´ll be working with her a lot. The only potential problem is that she´s married, and her husband is orthodox, and he hasn´t known that we started teaching her, but she told us after setting the baptismal date that she´s going to ask him and make sure it´s okay with him. So that´s good. I´m excited about working with Francis and Lissette. They both seem really good. Also, Paul, who we had to drop, is showing a lot of good signs. We just figured out he had a dream that answered his prayers basically. So that´s a big step. We´re going to visit him tomorrow and figure out a bit more and see what we do with baptism with him. So that´s good. Oh, so we had that class called "Every Member A Missionary" that we were going to teach, right? Well, 2 people showed up, so we didn´t teach it. It was kind of lame. It´s like, people tell us they want us to teach the members how to do missionary work, but a lot of them don´t care. That´s alright though, we´re going to try again and we´ll get something to work out I guess. So let´s see, what else is new. Oh, we started teaching a family this past week. The parents names are Alex and Mihaela, and the kid´s names are Alex and Adina. There a really cool family, and both of the kids came to church this past Sunday and had a really good time. So we´re seeing some potential with them as well. We´re probably going to have to go through and drop a bunch of investigators again this next week, just because they´re not progressing right now, but that´s alright. When we drop those that aren´t progressing, the Lord blesses us with more new investigators. Last week we got 9 new investigators, which for here is a ton. Then we just got another new investigator named Daniel yesterday who looks like he´ll be pretty good. We´re visiting him again tomorrow. Well, I can´t think of much else new that has happened htis past week. That´s just about it. So I´m going to send this off. Have a great week though and I´ll talk to you all next week. ¡Chao!
-Elder Sommerfeldt

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