Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing? So first off, there´s going to be no pictures this week, because I´m in Valencia right now and the computers don´t have card readers. I´m in Valencia because we´re going to the aquarium here today. So that should be fun. It´s a bit expensive though, but it´s a really famous aquarium, and it´s not like I´ll always be right by it. So next week you can expect a few good pictures from the aquarium. So, this past week has been good. It´s been a bit dificult in some ways, and good in other ways. First off, this past week they told our district that they wanted us to get 20 lessons by Friday this week, which seems really hard. Anyways, we ended with 21! So that was cool. We ended with 27 by the end of the week, but that was including members. They´re having us teach the members the missionary lessons, and while it doesn´t count in the actual numbers, they want us to at least have 20 lessons that we teach so we keep up our teaching abilities. SO yeah. We started teaching the members about The Restoration this past week and it´s actually gone really well. It´s good, because it´s the most basic stuff, but really it´s the most important, and a lot of people need a refresher course on it all too. So yeah, it´s been good. Okay, so this past week we officially dropped Julian and Edith. It was really hard, becuase they´re two of my favorite people, but it had to be done. I don´t think I´ve ever had dropping citas that went so well either. I had read in Alma 5, and what we did is read Alma 5:49 with them, then we talked about how that´s our role as missionaries, preach repentance and baptism basically, then we read verses 45-46 to see what their role is, which is to learn and know of themselves. So we told them we´re reached this point where we couldn´t force them to know of themselves, so we wanted them to dedicate time to learn for themselves. Julian still came to English class and to church, and we´re still really good friends with he and with Edith and her family. And in a couple weeks we´ll probably pass by again to see how things are, but we can´t be visiting them 3 times a week now if they´re not progressing. Okay, so what else is new. WE set / re-set baptismal dates with Jhonatan (26th of June), Kenny (this guy we met on the street who´s from Jamaica, also for the 26th of June), then we have two others, but they´re not looking so good now, so they don´t really count. Neither Jhonatan nor Kenny came to church though. We called both of them and passed by both of them yesterday but couldn´t get in contact with them, so hopefully things go better next week. They both need to come next week and the following to be baptized on the 26th of June. So l´ll keep you posted on that. Guillermo´s doing well. We don´t have a baptismal date with him, but he knows that´s what we´re working towards. He has a problem with smoking, so we need to help him overcome that before he gets baptized. Anyways, I finished my elephant picture from last week. I gave it away to Valeria though (the recent convert that´s an artist that gave me all the material to draw while I¨m in Castellón). I made some copies though that maybe I can send home though. We´ll see. It was fun drawing with charcoal though. Anyways, we have a new investigator named Mamadou. He´s Kobi´s friend. So we´ll see how things go with that. We also contacted this guy named Lucky from Nigeria this past week, set up a cita, and went we went there there were 4 people that became new investigators. They did´nt seem to understand very well, so we´re going to try teaching it again. We have a cita planned with them for today. Also, we´re starting up this class for the members. We´re calling it "Every Member a Missionary," or actually it´s called "Cada Miembro un Misionero." So yeah. It´s a class where we´re going to teach the members (specifically the ward missionaries) how we teach the lessons and what the lessons consist of etc. So we´ll see how that goes. It should be pretty good. We had Armando make us a little poster thing and all that´s hanging on the bulletin board and the bishop announced it last week too. The Bishop liked the idea too, so that´s good that he´s on with it. The Relief Society President also said it´s good because it´s one of the things from the ward mission plan. There´s a slight problem in that wards always make ward mission plans, but a lot of times they don´t follow through with the plan. So we´re trying to at least do our part. I¨ll keep you posted on how the class goes. Also, we have some potential with two kids that are cousins with Francheska (a member that´s been less active, but only because her mom wouldn´t let her come, but now she can come more often). Anyways, yesterday Francheska (15 years old) and her two cousins Bernardo (13 years old) and Francis (11 years old) both came to church. So we´ll have to see if we can´t get them and their mom (Francheska´s aunt) baptized. They´ve actually listened to missionaries in the past and we´re hoping to get in and visit with them this upcoming week. So yeah. Let´s see. I can´t think of much else new that´s happened, so I´d best start on the individual letters. I hope everyone has a great week and I´ll talk to you next week! ¡Chao!

-Elder Sommerfeldt
P.S. Next week is transfers, so my Preparation Day will be Tuesday. I´m pretty sure I´ll be staying in Castellón too, but there´s a chance I get transferred... a

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