Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing? So first off, it´s December!!!! Which means it´s almost Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a countdown going and all. So that´s good. So I´m going to start off attaching some pictures. Okay, so I´m not sure the order they all got attached. But one of them is of Elder Cannell, then me, then Elder Jacinto, then Elder Greep, then Elder Bowers. It was their last night there in our piso. It was also the night Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0, hence Elder Jacinto and I are in our Barcelona jerseys. Next is of a little adventure we had this past week that involved being on a boat. I´ll tell you more about it later. Anyways, one is of me eating with Elder Hunsaker in the background holding the receipt, because it was expensive. Next is one of the boat that we were on that was taken from a helicopter or something. Next is me at like 6 in the morning dead tired, and next is right after we got off the boat with the Boat name and the sunrise in the background. So yeah, I hope you enjoy those pictures.

So now for the stories of this past week. So on Tuesday is when Elder Hunsaker came in. A problem that happened is that Elder Cannell accidentally took our phone with him when he went to Barcelona, so we had no phone. Anyways, what ended up happening is that Elder Bennington and his new companion, Elder Keeler (he´s a really good missionary) missed their plane. We didn´t have a plane so no one could tell us. WE were planning on them getting back to piso around 11 or 11:30 at night, so we were up waiting for them and it got to midnight and they still weren´t back. So we walked down to the church and called them and they told us they´d missed their plane and went back to the office to spend the night there. So that was a late night. Anyways, then on Thursday night we had to catch a plane that left at 9:55 at night and got to barcelona and 10:45, but it was delayed a bit, so we got there a bit after 11 at night. So that was another late night. Then we had concilio on Friday. It was really good. Concilio is the meeting that the zone leaders have once a month or once a transfer with President and Hermana Hinckley and the Ayudantes (assistants to the president). It was a really good meeting and we talked a lot about how we can be even better, not just obeying all the rules, but obeying all the principles as well. Anyways, so then we had to catch a plan that left Barcelona at 8:30 at night. WE got there just before 7:30 and there were news cameras and such there, so we were all confused. Anyways, what happened is around 6:30 or 7:00 the air control people went on strike, and all flights were cancelled. THey´re still having problems with it. So we called the office and we didn´t know what to do. We were waiting in a line with like 2,000 people in line to try and find out what we could do, but it became clear that no planes would be leaving for at least a day or two. I think they´ve just recently started having planes moving again. So yeah. So President Hinckley through the idea out of us taking a ferry. So we ended up taking a bus and the metro over to the port in Barcelona and we caught a ferry that left at 11 at night. That was a huge pain in and of itself, but it all turned out okay in the end, we just spent hours in line though with thousands of people. Anyways, we went on a ferry across the Mediterranean Sea! It was pretty fun. The only downside is that we were in chairs the whole time, we didn´t get into port until 7 a.m. So I was dead tired. I´d say I got like 2 hours of sleep all night Friday night. We got back to our piso at 8:00 in the morning, then I took a half hour nap, then got ready and we went out to work again. I´m still way tired from it. But it´s getting better and better each day. It was really fun though to be on a boat. It was basically a cruise ship too. They had restaurants, a pool, which was closed, so I still took a picture of it, they had a movie theater, but we´re missionaries so we didn´t go there either. It was just fun being on a cruise ship, but it was a little weird feeling too. And I was super tired the whole time. We bought some dinner on the boat, ate, then we tried to sleep. We also went up on deck a couple times, that was fun. We could still see Barcelona in the distance even like 2 hours after we left. So, that was my adventure of the week.

Next, and more important, Paula and Mabel are still doing good for their baptismal dates for the 18th. Especially Mabel, Paula´s going to be a bit more difficult, but I think it´ll all turn out good. Mabel wasn´t able to come to church this past week because they´re getting their baby a Nigerian Passport and the Nigerian embassy was in Palma this past weekend, but they were there Saturday until Midnight and all day Sunday doing it. So yeah, that was sad, but she´ll come every week, so she´s still doing well. Also, we started teaching two new people. One is named Juan and is the son of Remedios, a less active. He´s about 40 years old and his daughter has down sindrome I think is what she has. He seems like he could be pretty good. Next we went to teach Giovanni, this guy we haven´t taught for a long time, and his friend Miguel was there. WE taught both of them and set up a cita with Miguel and his wife for this next week. SO yeah, things are going well. It was a slower week than normal with transfers and with going to Barcelona, but we´re still doing good.

Elder Hunsaker is from Wyoming, and as he says, there´s 100 cows for every person there. Crazy! He´s a good missionary. He´s really lost in the work. He really likes reading and studying, which is the opposite as me, but that´s okay. He did Martial Arts before the mission, but that´s the only real sport he did seriously. He´s a convert, but he was baptized when he was like 9 or 10. His mom was less active, but the missionaries came and reactivated her and baptized the rest of the family and ever since then he´s wanted to serve a mission. So yeah, now you know a bit more about my companion. Well, I need to be going now, but I hope you all have fantastic weeks. Also, just so you know, I´m not planning on sending anything home for Christmas, but I´ll get you something and bring it back in June, packages are expensive... Sorry. Anyways, things are going great and I´ll talk to you all next week. ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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