Family and friends! How´s everyone doing? Things are going great here. I have a lot of pictures to send home though. So I might have to do a couple emails with that. First off, Mabel got baptized!!!!! Okay, so I´m not going to talk about each one. The first five though are all of Mabel´s baptism. The guy that baptized her is Presidente Carballo. He´s one of the counselors in the district presidency that she wanted to baptize her, so that´s good. Then she had Presidente Balcázar, our branch president, confirm her. There´s one picture with her and her family. It´s her (Mabel), her husband (John Robert), her son (Bill), and her daughter (Elena). They´re a really good family. So that was fun that she got to be baptized. Then the other Nigerian that was baptized that you see in the big picture is in the Levante branch. His name is Victor. So yeah. It was a great baptism and she was excited the whole time. The only bad part about it is that about an hour before the baptism we still didn´t have the baptismal clothes for her. A member from the LEvante branch accidentally took them home. In the end we got some though, it was just super stressful. Okay, so that´s it for those five. Now I¨m going to attach more pictures.

Okay, so of the next five. THe first is of me on the wall. Next is me on the Castle bridge going out to the tower. Next is of me and Elder Bennington in the courtyard thing. Next is of me pretending like I´m in the first vision because there was a spot where the sun was coming in, and the next is a view of the Meditteranean sea. So that´s cool. Okay, I´m going to send 5 more.

Okay, so the last five. The first is of Lais, Paula, me, and Elder Keeler (Elder Keeler´s from Levante, but we were doing intercambios/exchanges). Next is a picture of the Cathedral taken from the castle. Next is of me climbing up a place where I´m not sure if we were allowed to go, but we had to see what was up there, and the next one is me up there. The last one is of a harbor that we saw as well from the top of the castle. And we were in regular clothes because we had to hike to get to the castle, so that´s why we´re not in white shirts and ties. It was a fun preparation day. The castle is Castillo de Bellver.

This week has been a really good week. The only bad part is that right now we don´t have any investigators currently working towards a specific baptismal date. We have a lot of investigators that are really close though. So first off, I´d say the closest is Dayana. SHe´s doing SUPER good right now. She´s Dana´s older sister. She´s 18, but turns 19 soon. She listed to missionaries like a year ago, but never got baptized, and with us when we taught her the first time she didn´t seem too good, but like the second time she´d completely changed. I´m really excited for her. Right now her most recent homework is to read 2 Nephi 31 and ask God when she should be baptized. We´ve given her assignments to do and everything and she always does them really well. WE had a cita this past week and we got to where we were asking a bunch of questions and we ended up learning from her that when she prayed she said she felt something weird. So we kept probing and she described it as "cosquillas en me corazon" (tickles on my heart). I´m really excited for her. NExt we have Junior and Juan, who are both also doing well, they just need to read and pray. They´re reading now, but in their prayers they´re not specifically asking God if the Book of Mormon is true. They´re so close though. Then we have Paula. She finally wants to be baptized, but her dad still isn´t giving permission. We´re hoping that changes this week and she can be baptized on Christmas Day. We´ll see though. WEll, We have a bunch of other investigators, but those are the main ones. Hey, I´m sorry this e-mail is so short, but I spent a ton of time attaching pictures this week. This next week is CHRISTMAS though!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all have a fantabulous Christmas. WEll, I need to be going now, but I´ll talk to you all later. ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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