Family and friends! How´s everyone doing? THings are going great here. This past week has been crazy busy, I´ll tell you about it a little later. First off though I´m going to send a few pictures. Okay, so first off is a picture that Elder Estrada e-mailed me of Edith´s baptism down in Castellón. She´s the one that I was teaching for the longest time, then when I went down there for residency stuff I set the date with her and she wanted me to baptize her, but I was going to be in Palma, and she had Armando do it in the end. I´m super happy for her. She´s going to be a great member. Okay, the next picture is of me buying some candy last preparation day and a candy stand they have out in one of the ramblas here. It was good candy. The next picture is of Elder Hunsaker, Elder Bennington, me, and Elder Keeler in a picture that the mission is going to use in a book they´re making for the Hinckleys. Each district had to have a word in the picture and in the end it´s going to say a message. We had "YOU!" as our word. So yeah. Next up is a picture of our tree, it´s a little small. I also have put up a lot of stockings on the wall too. It´s a pretty good Christmassy piso now. I like it. Also, mom and dad, I got your package. THank you so much. I love it. I´m not opening the presents until Christmas, but thank you so much for all of the reeses and the reeses nutrageous, and the reeses christmas trees, and the reeses fast break, etc. I love REESES! Anyways, that´s about it for pictures this week. I´ll hopefully send some more next week.

Anyways, so I said this past week was crazy busy. It was crazy busy because Elder Hunsaker and I taught 30 total lessons, with 20 of those lessons being member present lessons, we found 10 new investigators, and we had 5 in church. We met the standard of excellence for investigators in church, and we about doubled every other standard of excellence. So that was fun. I was really tired when we got in last night though. It´s good we have this preparation day to recover a bit. We´re probably going to play RISK again. It´s a fun game. Anyways, we also now have 3 investigators preparing for baptism. We have Mabel who will for sure be baptized this Saturday. She´s incredible. She´s from Nigeria and is Robert´s (a member who less active for a while) wife. She´ll for sure be baptized this next Saturday at 12:00 a.m., which will be 4:00 a.m. your time. So that´s nice. I´m excited about that. Next up we have Paula. She finally wants to get baptized, but her dad, who´s not a member (everyone else in her family is a member though) won´t let her. We fasted and prayed with her this past weekend though, so we´re hoping that they dad changes before this Saturday. We´ll see. She´s 14, turns 15 tomorrow, and is from Bolivia. She´s doing really well though. The other is with a guy we just met last night. His name is Stali and he´s from Nigeria. He´s Kevin´s (an investigator from Levante) friend. He seems really good. His date is for January 2nd. So we´ll see how all that goes.

Also this past week we did intercambios (exchanges) with Inca/Manacor. I was with Elder Egan for Tuesday and Wednesday. It went really well. Basically, our whole week has just been perfect, except for Paula´s dad, and Elder Hunsaker´s been pretty sick, so I´ve been having to set everything up and such so he can hopefully get better soon. He´s getting a little better now though, so that´s good. We also started teaching these two guys this past week named Juan and Junior. Juan´s probably 35 or so and is the son of Remedios (a member). He´s super good. His roommate is Junior and Junior is 21 and from Brasil. THey´re both super good and they both came to church this past week. They could get baptized on Christmas day. THey´re praying about it, so we´ll see what happens. We´re also teaching a girl named Dayana who´s doing really well. She´s Damaris´s other daugther, which means Dana´s (the girl Elder Jacinto and I baptized) older sister. She´s 18, almost 19, and just recently started doing really well. She could also potentially be baptized on Christmas day, we´ll see what happens though. I´m super excited though, because everything is going really well here.

Also, just so everyone knows, everyone here knows I´m going to be president of the United States and they all know I love Christmas. When members see me they´ll see, how long until Christmas, and I´ll quickly calculate and tell them how many days, hours and minutes. It´s fun. And a lot of members also call me Señor Don Presidente, or something like that. It´s good. WEll, I need to be going and start writing individuals now. I love you all though and I wish you a very Merry Christmas in 12 DAYS!!!!!!!!! ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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