Family and Friends! HOw´s everyone doing? Things are going great here in Castellón. It´s actually been a big blur of everything. It feels like I´ve been down here forever and at the same time hardly at all. Right now I´m in Valencia, for Preparation Day. With Conference we watch every session except the Sunday afternoon session. We watch the Saturday morning session live at 6 p.m., then 11 a.m. Sunday morning we watch the Priesthood session rebroadcasted, then at 2 we watch the Saturday afternoon session re-broadcasted, then at 6 p.m. Sunday evening we watch the Sunday morning session live. Some of the members watch the Sunday afternoon session at 10 p.m. Sunday night, but we can´t as missionaries. Anyways, I´m going to be doing intercambios at the end of the day going to Cataroja, which is close to Valencia, where we watched conference, so we just stayed the night and then I´ll leave from here. Anyways, we´ve been able to get a lot of new investigators this past week, well, not a lot, but 3. One of them is named Julian and he´s from Brasil and he now has a baptismal date for the 24th of April, so I´ll keep you guys updated on that. He saw us and came over to us and asked how the mission´s going. His mom is a member apparently in Brasil, so that´s cool. He speaks Spanish pretty well too, so that´s good. We´re also teaching a 15 year old girl, Francheska, that´s a less active member only because she was baptized in the dominican republic, where her dad lives, she came out here to Spain, and her mom doesn´t want her to go to church. We´re helping her out though, and we´re giong to start teaching her friend Elisabet, so we´ll see how that all goes. There´s also a recent convert in our ward named Valeria who´s an artist. So we talked about art for a while one day and she has a sister going back to Argentina where she´s from, and she´s going to have her pick me up some art supplies so if I ever have any spare time I can draw. I don´t know if I´ll have any spare time, but maybe some preparation days or at night it would be fun. I still have that Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail picture I´m doing in pencil. I haven´t worked on it for a few months though. So yeah, that´s the gist of it. Oh, today for preparation day we´re giong to have 8 missionaries and we´re going to play some flag football, so that should be fun. I´m excited about that. Oh, also, just to say a bit more about my companion, his name is Elder Hancock, he´s been in the mission for just over 1 year and 7 months now, he´s been in Castellón for a bit over 3 months now too. He´s from Ogden. He´s a little bit taller than me. He has blonde hair. I don´t know what else you want to know, but if you have any specific questions about him, my area, etc., just let me know. Overall things are going great here in Castellón. After Edgar´s baptism there wasn´t a ton of work. They had a ton of investigators, but they didn´t even have the contact information on a bunch of them, so they weren´t progressing at all. So now we´ve been finding some new investigators and things seem to be going really well now. Hopefully we can keep it up. We had 17 lessons this past week, which is almost the goal of 20, so we´ll see if we can´t get 20 here soon. This week will also be zone conference down here, so that will be cool. Oh, also, did I tell you that in a couple weeks Elder Richard Hinckley, from the seventy, will be doing a mission tour here? So that should be fun. I´ll tell you about that when it happens. Well, that´s been my week. It going good. I´m going to write the individuals now, but have a great week. ¡Chao!

-Elder Sommerfeldt

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