Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing there back in the United States? I hope everything´s going well there. Things are going pretty well here. So this past week I wasn´t actually in my area until Wednesday afternoon. So I was out of my area from Saturday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon. It was crazy. We were gone for general conference, then we were in Valencia Monday morning for Preparation Day, then Monday evening and Tuesday I was in Catarroja on Intercambios, and Wednesday was zone conference. So, first off, last Monday we played American Football and it was so much fun. I was sore for like four days after though, it´s been a while since I´ve played sports. It was pretty fun though. Then we went to a castle and stuff, so that was fun too. Then on Tuesday I was in Catarroja. We set two baptismal dates for them, so that was good. Wednesday was zone conference. That went really well too. It was good, and we got Dominos pizza at the end. It was funny because there was one time when my companion was in a meeting with the ayudantes, because he´s the district leader, and I ended up being the only one in the room with President and Hermana Hinckley. We figured out the whole connection between Chris Maybe and such, so that was good. Let´s see, what else. Julian is not on track to be baptized anymore. He´s still doing really well, but he has plans of going back to Brasil in one week, which doesn´t give him enough time. If for some reason he stays a week or two longer though, I bet he´ll be baptized. We´ll see what happens I guess. We set another fecha with a guy named Guillermo though. It´s not until June, he´s got a few things he needs to change, but we´ll see what we can do to help him. Then we have a couple other people that have some potential, like Jairo, Juan, Elisabet, and Edith. We´ll see how it all turns out in the end though. Anyways, this past week there were three baptisms in our district, so on Thursday evening Elder Hancock and I had to go out to Valencia and Catarroja so he could do the baptismal interviews. It´s cool though how many people are really prepared to be baptized. It´s good. It really is God´s work, not ours. This past week we got 21 lessons, so we broke the goal of 20. I was happy. Well, overall things are great. I attached a picture of me in front of the castle. I hope youall like it. Oh, you´ll have to ask mom and dad for it, because I´m not sending it to everyone. Well, I need to go now, but have a great week. ¡Chao!
-Elder Sommerfeldt

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