Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing there? So this past week has been crazy. There´s no way I´ll be able to tell you about everything that´s happened. First off though, remember how last week we had a good week with 24 lessons, well this past week we had 27 lessons. Elder Morales called again congratulating/thanking us. So yeah, we´ll see how we can keep things going here. We also had the conference with Elder Hinckley. It went really well. I liked it a lot. We were able to see some videos that the mission department is working on, but they haven´t actually shown them yet or even finished editing them yet, so that was fun. It was a good beneficial conference. Also, mom, Hermana Hinckley told me that Chris Maybe wasn´t able to leave because of the volcano, so I still haven´t gotten the package, but you said she was here now, so maybe she´s come now. Who knows. So also this week I was sick. Tuesday night my stomach hurt just a little bit as I was going to bed. Anyways, I woke up in the night and I was just freezing and shaking because I was so cold. Long story short for a couple hours I was rolled up in a ball freezing. I had a bit of a fever the next morning, but it got down to 99. something so I was able to go out and work still. We had a really productive day, but that just made recovering take longer. In the end I lost the fever but for a few days I´ve had really bad pain in my neck and in my head. Yesterday it wasn´t as bad though, and today I feel fine, so hopefully I´m over it now. I think I should be good. The other big news, Julian did not leave. We taught him everything, finishing on Thursday and set up the interview for Friday afternoon. Friday morning while we were getting the baptismal font ready he sent us a text saying he couldn´t do the interview. So we called him up and long story short, he feels like it´s a bit too fast. We´ll see what ends up happening there. If he stays here a while longer he´ll still be baptized here, if not he´ll have to wait until he´s in Brasil. So we´ll see what happens with that. Another big thing this past week, we had 11 investigators in church this past week. Normal is like 3 or 4, so 11 was way good. Now we just need to keep up the work here. I would say right now the people that seem the best are Edith, Paul (her son), and Geraldine (her daughter). They all came to church, the third time for Edith, second time for Paul, and first time for Geraldine. Paul then went to a family home evening with the young single adults, then stayed for choir practice afterwards, then went with us after to another family home evening. He also asked us if even though he´s not a member yet if he can go around with us to visits. He´s 19 and really cool. So hopefully he can get baptized here soon. He´d be a really good member / future missionary. Oh, sorry I´m not sending pictures this week, the computer I´m using doesn´t have a place to put the camera card, so sorry. I was going to send a picture of my picture I´m drawing. And to answer your question mom, yes we can draw. Not whenever we want, but preparation days and in the evenings we can. We get in at 10 at night, plan for half an hour then we have and hour to get ready for bed. Hermana Hinckley even told us to do things during that time to reduce stress, so that we sleep better and can work more effectively. So yeah, I can draw, but not very often. For that it takes a while to finish pictures. Anyways, what else is new. Jairo, another invetigator with a baptismal date for the 8th of May came to church, so that´s way good. Same with Guillermo, another investigator with a meta for the 13th of June. Overall, the mission is awesome. I love it. Tell congratulations to Ben Brockbank. He´ll love being a missionary, it´s the best experience you can have. He´ll be a great missionary in Louisiana (I think that´s where you said he was going). Anyways, I can´t think of anything else in specific to say. We just have a ton of work, and I can´t possible right about everysingle person, so yeah, sorry. I´m going to write the individuals now, but have a great week. -Elder Sommerfeldt

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