Family and friends! How´s everyone doing? Things are going great here. This past weekend we had a baptism. Lusmila was baptized on Saturday. It went really well. Elder Baugh did the baptism. She had had a few baptismal goals, but because of work wasn´t able to actually get baptized on those dates. Her work schedule changed though and she was baptized yesterday. She´s from Peru and is a friend of one of the members in our ward.
Right after the baptism on Saturday we had an activity. It was a dessert contest. SO all of the members were supposed to bring a dessert and a friend, then we had a judging and all. It went really well. It was very stressful because we ended the baptism and right away went to the dessert contest, but I think it went well in the end, so that´s good. I´m attaching a picture of the baptism in the letter to mom and dad. I can´t send it to everyone, but if anyone wants to see it, they can ask them for it. So Lusmila was baptized on Saturday then confirmed by a member named Tomás on Sunday. It went really well.
Tony never had a goal for the 27th of February, but he was praying about it. Anyways, what happened with him is that we called him one day and he said to Elder Baugh, Elder, I have something to tell you. I want to be baptized. But I can´t be baptized until March. As it turns out, the friend that he heard about the church through wants to come to his baptism and she can´t do it until March. Here´s the story, it´s quite interesting. He said one day he doesn´t know why, but there was a girl with the name of Ruth who was one of his friends on Facebook. I guess they started talking and as it turns out she´s from Utah and has talked to him about church, sent him links of church sites in arabic, etc., and emailed President Hinckley with his info. so we could contact him. So yeah, it´s a really cool story, and right now it´s looking like the 14th of March is when he will be baptized. So that´s really good.
Let´s see, what else new has happened. Oh, we´ve been working with some less actives, and a couple of them came to church this past week, so that´s good too. What else, oh, mom asked how often we eat with members here. I would say we eat lunch with them 5 times a week, and dinner about 3 times a week, but we´re going to change dinner. We just told everyone that we can only eat dinner with people from now on if they have either a recent convert there, a menos activo, or a non-member. We´re not supposed to eat dinner unless that´s the case, so we changed. I didn´t ever eat dinner in Vilafranca, so here´s it´s been really hard eating dinner, because I just don´t have that much space in my stomach now to eat two big meals like that. Anyways, mom also asked how often we eat with the hermanas. We eat with them at almost all of the lunch citas, but dinner citas hardly ever. So yeah, that´s that with eating. This past week we had a zone conference. It was really good. We talked a lot about The Book of Mormon. It was a great conference. To make it even better we got to have Dominos pizza for lunch.
This past week I also did my first splits with members. It was crazy. Especially because I still don´t know how to get around very well with the transportation and all. Like memorizing all the bus numbers etc. It´s good though. Well, I´m going to go write the individuals now, but have a great week.
-Elder Sommerfeldt

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