Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing? Things are going great here in Barcelona. Tony is still going well. He´ll be baptized the 13-March. To answer questions about the whole situation with the girl in Utah and all, she lives in Utah. She´s never lived in Europe or anything, somehow they became friends on Facebook though, so that´s nice. Also, she is now no longer going to be coming out for the baptism. Tony told us that she told him that she´s not going to be able to. He´s wanting to go out there and study at BYU though, so that would be cool. If he does, I´ll make sure he finds you guys or something. It may be that it´s just talk though. A lot of people say they want to go, but end up not going. I´ll let you know what happens with that though. Let´s see, what else is new. Oh, so we also have another baptismal date for someone named Jessica. She´s doing really well right now. It was 2 weeks or so that I´d never met her, and Elder Baugh was saying maybe we should just drop her, because she wasn´t doing super great before, but we visited with her and she was doing super well. She basically shared her testimony with us the first time about how she always feels comfort when she reads The Book of Mormon and how she knows she needs to be baptized. She has a date for the 27th of March now. It would be sooner, but her "husband" is in Ecuador right now. He´ll get back in a week and a half, then they need to get married, then she can get baptized. He´s a member, but less active. She´s talked to him though, and it should be good with them getting married shortly after he gets back, then she can be baptized the 27th. Yesterday both Tony and Jessica came to church, and yesterday both of them said sometime during the day something about their baptism, so it shows their both excited about it too. To teach Tony we´ve been using someone named Lauren a lot. She´s from Arizona doing a study abroad here in Barcelona, so that´s nice. She sat with him through church yesterday and helped him understand everything, and she´ll be going with us again today to help us. I guess Jen will be able to do the same thing when she´s in Madrid. Let´s see, what else is new. Oh, I´ve been quite sick recently. A few days ago my throat started hurting me, and it´s just always bugged me. Then I was always dizzy. Then I started to get a cough, then last night I had a migraine and I was dying. We were still out visiting people, but I wasn´t talking, or paying attention or anything. I felt really bad, but I couldn´t do anything. I´m feeling better today, at least I don´t have any pain in my head. My throat still isn´t normal and I´m still coughing some. I don´t like it either because my voice is really weird now too because I´m sick, but oh well, I can´t do much about it. We´re going to try and buy some cough/throat drops today, so hopefully that helps. I also have ibuprofein in case my head starts hurting again. Anyways, so that´s the health update on me. Oh, also, I´m sending a couple pictures home again today. I hope everything worked with the four pictures I sent last week, I sent one to each person. I think I´m just going to send like two pictures this week. One is when I made German Pancakes this past week because I have syrup now! The other is a picture of a spider that I saw in our bathroom and smashed one day. It was pretty big. So if anyone wants the pictures, I sent them to mom and dad. Oh, something else that´s happened this week. Elder Baugh is the district leader and this past week we had one day where we didn´t get to have medio día to eat because we were (well, he was...) doing two baptismal interviews. It went well though. We just bought bocadillas on the road and kept going. In Vilafranca we would always have our two hours for medio día in our piso, but here we usually don´t. Usually we´re eating with members or something. It´s good though. Just different. I think I´ve gained weight here though even in these three weeks. Oh well. Let´s see, what else. Oh, yesterday a couple from Mexico came to church that just moved here like 8 days ago. She´s a member, but he isn´t. He said he´s in the process. So we´ll see if we can´t help him get baptized this month as well. Well, I think that´s the gist of what happened this past week, so I´m going to go ahead and end this, but have a great week and I´ll talk to you all next week. ¡Chao!
-Elder Sommerfeldt

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