Family and Friends! How´s everyone doing? So, just so you all know, to start off, I now have a new email address. This is the new one. They updated myldsmail.net or something. It´s now whatever this is, which is ryan.sommerfeldt@myldsmail.net
. So that´s good I guess. It´s powered by google and it´s just like gmail almost. I don´t know if I like it as much though. I´ll get used to it though. Anyways, so I´m in Barcelona here. My new companion is Elder Baugh and things are going great. I still miss Vilafranca a lot, but I´ll get adjusted to life here. So, the first thing, it´s really different here. It´s so much bigger, and we don´t walk nearly as much, we use public transportation to get around everywhere. The other thing, we´re in the same ward as some hermanas, so we see them a lot. Third thing, we eat with members a lot. We usually eat with the hermanas, so that´s why we see them almost daily. We also eat dinner here, so it´s weird eating three meals again. The first few days I was so full and could barely do it. Anyways, that´s that. My birthday was good. I got a package from Jen, and I´m still waiting on the package from the fam. I´ll get it soon though. I also got something from Pilar, if you remember who she was from Vilafranca. She gave me something the day I left and told me I had to wait until Friday, my Birthday, to open it. It was a notebook with some pictures in the front of me, Elder Nelson, her, Yirka, and Josué. So that was nice of her. I´ll get to go back and visit everyone there someday. The ward´s nice here, but so much bigger. I´m used to knowing everyone, but there´s so many people here that it´s not like that as much. Also, we have two investigators that we´ve put baptismal fechas with. One of them, Lusmila will be baptized this Saturday, and the other one, Tony (he´s from Egypt, speaks a bit of English, and is learning Spanish, we teach him in English) is praying about the 27th of February now and wel´l talk to him about it tomorrow. So yeah, things are going well there. Mainly, everything is so spread out so it´s harder to be able to visit with everyone because there´s a lot of travel time between everyone. Things are going well though. Oh, my birthday was pretty much a normal day. The Ayudantes and Elder Baugh made french toast in the morning since it´s my birthday, so that was nice. I don´t know if I told you, we share a piso with the Ayudantes, so that´s fun. They´re only there about half the time though because there always traveling. Let´s see, what else is new. I got cards from Grandma and Grandpa Brockbank and Grandma and Grandpa Sommerfeldt, so thank you for those grandma and grandpa. Oh, it´s been really cold here lately. Yesterday it was even snowing. Really lightly, but there was snow falling. And the humidity makes it freezing, and this past week there´s been a lot of wind on top of that, hence it´s been quite cold. All in all, things are going well though. Well, I´m going to go now and right individual emails. Next week this email will be a little more interesting because I´ll know a little bit more what I want to talk about. Have a great week and I´ll hear from you next week.
-Elder Sommerfeldt

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