Family and Friends! How is everyone doing? Things are going great here. It was another successful week with lessons and we have a lot of people that are so close to accepting a baptismal goal, so that´s good. I wrote down a few things that were big this past week to talk about, so I guess I´ll write about those. First off, thank you for the reeses mom and dad. I love reeses, as you know. Anyways, I got the reeses when we went into the office for interviews. THat´s the first thing. We had interviews this past week, on Thursday. It was good. I got to talk with President Hinckley and learn some more things, learn some techniques on how I can contact better, etc. So that was good. Elder Nelson told me after too that in his interview President Hinckley told him he had a great companion, so that was nice to hear. Anyways, interviews were good, and it´s always fun to see the other missionaries, including those in the office and all.
Next, I think you´ve already sent my birthday package, but if not, can you put syrup in there. They don´t have syrup here that I can find anywhere. I just want some good cheap, sugary syrup for german pancakes, but I can´t find them. I made german pancakes this past week and had to just use powdered sugar. It tasted good, just not as good as with syrup. Oh well though, that´s not the most important thing as a missionary.
Okay, now onto some more mission related news. This past week Elder Nelson and I planned and carried out a ping-pong tournament for all of the youth in the branch. It was a doubles branch and the catch was that you had to bring your partner, and your partner couldn´t be a member. A lot of people brought people that we´ve already taught or are teaching that are great friends, but aren´t ready yet, and some people didn´t even bring friends, but two people came that we´d never met before, so that was good. After the tournament, which Elder Nelson and I won, by the way, we had a little message then refreshments. During refreshments I talked with one of the kids that had come, Bryan (17 years old), and we set up a time to visit with him. So he´s a new investigator now. SO that was good. He seems like a good kid, so we´ll see what we can do to help him out.
Next, we went to Vilanova on Saturday and a guy named Manuel Rojano drove us out there. We visited with that family, Alex, Olga, Romina, and Sebastian. It´d been a while since we´d visited them, but they were still doing good. The member we brought with us talked A TON though. We were there almost 2 hours, which should never happen, but the member just kept talking, telling them about the Urim and Thummim, etc... In the end it was alright though, and I think they´re still interested. We´ll just bring different members in the future. I hope we can help them to be baptized here soon though.
Okay, next, we´re still teaching Humberto, he´s doing well. He´s 17 and I think he´ll probably be baptized within a few weeks. He´s just a little hesitant to commit himself right now. We´ll see what we can do there though. So that´s the brief update on all that. Let´s see, that´s the gist of what´s happened this past week too.
Oh, here´s something that´s unique to Spain. Here if you want to cross the street and you´re at a cross walk you just cross. Cars have to stop for you. If you´re just standing on the corner cars will come up and stop and wait for you to cross. A little different from Utah where we try and hurry and pass before the pedestrians cross. It´s weird for me though just walking even when there´s a car coming. It´s good though.
Belkis is doing well. Actually, this past week we printed out pictures of all of the recent converts within the past few weeks and put them on a bulitin board in the church with their names so the branch can remember them and all and recognize them. The counselor in the presidency saw it and said he really liked it and thought it was a good idea. So that´s good. Basically, everything here is going great. We´re in the last week of the transfer, and I´m not sure if I´m going to leave or not. If it´s completely normal I´ll stay for one more transfer, but it´s not always normal. So we´ll just have to wait and see. Oh, along with that next week my Preparation Day will be Tuesday, just so you know. Also, I think this next week I´m going to give my camera to a member to make some CDs, so probably you can expect getting those eventually, in a couple weeks or so. Anyways, I can´t think of anything else that´s happened this past week, so I´m going to go ahead and send this. Have a fantastic week though. ¡Chao!
-Elder Sommerfeldt

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