Family (and friends)!! How is everyone doing? THings are going great here in Vilafranca. THis past week Belkis was baptized and in the end it went really well. This past week she slipped one time and smoked a little and we didn´t think she could be baptized. So we called the Zone Leaders who were going to do the interview and told them not to worry about coming out this week. Anyways, what happened is they told us it´s not actually a rule that you can´t smoke a week before your baptism, and apparently President had just told them a story about a guy that smoked his last cigarette on his way to the baptism. Anyways, they asked for her number to give her a call and see what should be done. They called us back a bit later and said that she was repentant and felt bad for smoking and all (which we knew), then they said she was still good to be baptized on Saturday! SO that was good.
Saturday we had the baptism and she was really nervous right before, but in the end it all went well and she got baptized Saturday (by Elder Nelson) and confirmed on Sunday (by me). It was way good. We´re going to continue visiting her frequently and all to help her with all she needs.

Okay, so this past week Elder Nelson and I were trying to get 30 lessons to investigators, recent converts, and less actives. We ended with 28, but that´s still way way good. 20 is what the goal is for the mission. We led the mission a couple weeks ago with 23 or something, so I´m happy with 28, and 30 will come someday. THe most important I think is that we were able to have a baptism this past week.
Okay, so I have a few thing written down to tell you about, so that was the first one with Belkis´ baptism. The second one is with Karlita and Raquel, the sisters that were baptized in November. THis happened a while ago, but I don´t think I ever told you. So where we teach them there´s a chair where I sit every single time, it´s pretty comfortable. Anyways, back in December I told them I wanted them to make a sign with my name on it and put in on the chair, since it´s my chair. And since the beginning of December there´s been a sign there that says "E. Somerfeldt." They spelled Sommerfeldt wrong, but that´s fine. Anyways, that´s just a fun, interesting thing you probably haven´t heard. They´re doing well too. They´ve come to church both weeks since they got back from Peru.
Okay, next thing I was going to talk about is this past week we had a day with 7 lessons planned, 5 of which were going to member presents. By the end of the day we had so many people cancel on us and we only got 3 lessons with 1 member present. It was a long day. It´s rough having the days where everyone cancels. The next day though we got 6 lessons. I have a theory that the first day I was worried about the number, so I didn´t get it. THe second day I was just working hard and we got 6. So I try not to worry about numbers so much, and rather than that just do the best we can.
Okay, the last thing I was going to tell you about is about the Apablaza family, from Chile. They were inactive for a while for work, transportation, not knowing where the church is, etc. They´ve been coming for the past 4 weeks or so though and are doing great. They live in a Pueblo of Vilafranca called Vilanova. They help us a lot when we go out there with visiting people, etc. Their daughter, Javiera, is 8 years old and is going to baptized Feb. 14th probably. It doesn´t actually count as our baptism since both parents are members, but it´s kind of fun since we´ve been working with the family and we´ll get to see her get baptized. The parents also have a goal to get sealed in the temple this year too, so they´re a great family. We ate there this past Sunday too, and they said when I come back to visit after my mission that we can stay at their house if I want. So maybe I´ll do that, we´ll see. But yeah, that´s that.
Let´s see, what else has happened. Oh, mom asked about the family in vilanova, Alex, Olga, Romina, and Sebastian. We don´t know. We taught them once, then had two citas lined up and both times something came up. WE talked to him recently and he said after our first cita he started getting a ton of calls for work, etc. So yeah. We´re hopefully going to visit with them this week, but they aren´t progressing quite as fast as we´d hoped. That´s alright though, they`ll hopefully still be able to progress here soon. So yeah. He also told us he read and really liked it, and asked us to leave him with even more chapters, so we left them with five more chapters from the Book of Mormon. I´ll keep you uptdated with what hpapens there though.
So yeah, that´s the gist of my week. I can´t think of much else to say, so I´ll go ahead and end it there. Oh, I have to say too that I´m glad to here that BYU basketball is doing so well, I hope they keep it up. Anyways, have a great week and I´ll write more next week. ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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