Family and friends! How´s everyone doing? THings are going great here in Vilafranca. I just got back from Barcelona. I had to go there to get my DNI, which is like my ID here. So now I have a Spanish ID and all. It´s pretty cool.
Let´s see, what else is new this week. THat guy that called us who had the pamphlet, we went out to visit them on Wednesday and it´s a whole family! THere´s Alex (the dad), Olga (the mom), Romina (the daughter, 16 years old), and Sebastian (the son, 4 or 5 years old). So yeah. That´s that. We were going to have another cita with them on Friday, but the dad had to work, and Sunday was the same, but we have another one scheduled for the Wednesday. It´s going to be a home evening thing in the house of some other members, so we´ll see if we can´t help them to get baptized here soon.
Also, there´s a guy named Jose Luis that lives out there in Vilanova too who was taught by the missionaries in Bilbao. THings are going well with him as well. I hope we can get all these people baptized before I get transferred from here. THere´s a chance I get transferred like Feb. 8th, if not then it´d be the end of march. So yeah. Speaking of that, if anyone sends me packages for my birthday, if it´s here before Feb. 8th then it´s for sure good, if not it might be better to send it to the office in Barcelona. We´ll see what happens though. That´s the thing with transfers, is you have no idea what´s going to happen. So yeah.
Anyways, what else is new here. Oh, we went to Alicante at the beginning of the week. We had to go there because that´s where Elder Nelson was impodronized, meaning that´s where legally it said he was living, and it hasn´t changed yet, so he has to do all the government stuff down there where he was living. Kind of interesting, but that´s how it is. THat´s why I had to go to Barcelona to get my DNI instead of doing it here in Vilafranca, because I´m impodronized as if I´m living in the office. So yeah. The whole papers and everything is a little annoying because it takes time sometimes, but we have to be legal I guess.
So Belkis is still on to be baptized this Saturday. Everything should hopefully go well with that too. She´s stopped smoking and drinking coffee, but if for some reason she slips then it would be delayed a week or two. We´ll be having daily visits with her though, so hopefully everything goes well with her.
Last week remember how I said Elder Nelson and I led the mission? We had 23 citas. Well, this past week we had 25. I don´t know if we led the mission or not, but it was another really good week. The other thing that happened this past week is that we've been trying to contact our ward misison leader for the past 4 days or so and haven´t been able to. He didn´t come to church either, and as it turns out it´s the missionary work sacrament meeting and he was supposed to have things prepared. Anyways, he didn´t, so we ended up not having any speakers, so guess who had 10 minutes or so to prepare a talk... Me and Elder Nelson. It went well though I think. We were the only two people that spoke and we took up the whole time. Elder Nelson timed mine and said it was like 15 minutes and 36 seconds. So that´s not bad for being in Spanish and not having time to prepare I guess.
Also, yesterday Ibraham got the priesthood. THere was a bit of a problem because we didn´t figure out who was going to do it, so guess who had to do it last minute... Me. I´d never done it before, so I had to hurry and review it in the missionary handbook, but it wasn´t bad, and it went really well I think. I also had to translate for his interview with the branch president. I was going to ask you dad, is there a rule with that? I don´t know if I should technically be there for the interview, but where the Branch PResident doesn´t speak English, and Ibraham doesn´t speak Spanish, what do you do?
Anyways, so that´s that. I´m going to wrap this up and write the individuals now. I hope you all have great weeks, enjoy the snow, and go skiing if you can. I´ll write again next week.

-Elder Sommerfeldt

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