7/26/10 - zone leader and new address

Family and Friends! So here´s the big news... I´m in Palma de Mallorca right now. I´m on the islands! So that ´s exciting. I´m nervous though for a few reasons. One, I´m zone leader, and I´m super young, and two, both the missionaries that were here both got transferred at the same time and my new companion Elder Jacinto and I both got put in here at the same time to be the zone leaders in the Baleares zone. I guess I just skipped the District Leader stage. I don´t know how it´ll go, but I´m sure it´ll go well. The Lord always prepares the way, but I´m still a little nervous. It was really sad leaving everyone in Castellón. I have a ton of photos. I don´t have my camera with me now though, so I can´t send any of them back. Sorry... I´ll try next week. I also want to get a CD or DVD made of them and send them out. I´ll do my best. There´s been a ton of crazy changes though, so I´m still adjusting. Anyways, last week in Castellón, Elder Estrada had to go to Madrid for residency problems, but it´s worked out now though. He was gone Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tuesday Elder Cranford (the district leader out there) came and worked with me. On Wednesday I worked with Elder Cranford and Elder Johnson in their area and there weren´t any missionaries in Castellón. Then on Thursday I came back and worked with Armando in Castellón until Elder Estrada got back. It put us way behind so that by Saturday morning we only had 10 lessons. We worked hard though and ended with 22 lessons. It was incredible. We also found 15 new investigators last week, which is like six times the average in the mission. Also, Sunday we were able to set seven baptismal fechas with a bunch of new people. They come from two families, and both familes are Romanian. The other crazy thing is that Elder Estrada is going to train now. He only has 3 months and 3 weeks in the field. He entered the MTC the same day as Elder Parry. So yeah. It´s crazy. I´m so young and I´m a zone leader, he´s so young and he´s training. It should go good though. So, I can´t remember my address right now for my new piso. I forgot to write it down. I´ll see if I can get it though. So yeah, I had to say good bye to Armando, to Charo, to Alex, to Jairo, to Edgar, to Adina, to Elena (and neither Adina nor Elena ended up getting baptized last week, maybe in a couple weeks they will), to Alicia/Roxanna/Evelyn and fam., etc. I said bye to a lot of people and took a lot of pictures. I only have like 30 pictures left on my card, so mom, I´ll need you to send me a new card as soon as you can. So we came out here, got in at 6:00, then saw that we had a cita and 5:30, a meeting at 6:30, a cita at 7:00 and another cita at 8:00. So we had to leave right away. Everything fired though. Luckily we were able to get around to all of the areas though with the map we have. It´s just crazy though, because it´s the first time Elder Jacinto and I have been here, and it´s the first time either of us has been zone leader too. Okay, I just called some other Elders and got our address, it´s

C/ Gumersindo 11, 3
07004 - Palma de Mallorca
Spain / España

So I hope to get letters... haha. Anyways, now you have it. So the name of the branch where I´m out now is named Poniente. I hear there´s like 70-80 people that come more or less each week to church. We have our own building for the capilla! That´s awesome. Every other area it´s just been under Pisos. Like an apartment building and the bottom floor is the capilla (church). So yeah, this one has a soccer court, some grass outside, etc. It´ll be good. The other good news is that they were going to have 3 baptisms this past weekend. THey only had one, but the other two should happen this weekend! We still haven´t met them, but I´ll let you know how it all goes. Okay, so quick story about Wednesday when I was in Catarroja. I´m going to give a watered down version of it so I don´t use too much time. We were in the capilla, left, did a contact, she wanted to learn more, so we showed her the capilla and she was supposed to come to church on Sunday. That´s a miracle, but it´s even better. So we walk out after showing this lady and her son the capilla and there´s another lady and her son that walk by and say is this the mormon church? THey´d been looking for half an hour for it because the mom had heard about it and wanted to be invovled and integrated with the mormon church. So we gave her a tour of the church, then had a cita (visit) with her and I committer her and her son to be baptized on the 11th of August and she said that´s why she came, to be baptized. Anyways, they both accepted and will be baptized the 11th of August. So that´s cool. Then in Castellón we set 7 peole up for the 21st of August. Things are going really good now. Well, I miss Castellón. It´s like starting the mission all over again. I somewhere I don´t know, and I have to leave my family behind. Such is the work of the Lord though. I´m sure I´ll grow to love Palma de Mallorca as well, but I´ll definitely stay in contact with people in Castellón and visit there after my mission. Well, a ton of things have happened, but I don´t know what else to say. I´m going to write the indvidual letters now. Have a great week. ¡Chao!
-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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