Family and friends! How´s everyone doing? THings are going great here for me. Well, it´s been a good week, and a bad week. It´s been a good week because we taught 30 lessons and we got a ton of referrals, we have 15 that we need to contact. Here´s the bad news though. Both Elena and Adina, who were going to be baptized this Saturday don´t want to now. Elena can´t for sure this Saturday, because she didn´t come to church this week and she´s only come one other time, Adina there´s still hope that maybe she´ll change, so we´ll see what happens with that. It was frustrating though. They both told us the same day too. It´s alright though, we´ll help them change, and we´ll find new people that are prepared as well. So, I¨m going to attach a few pictures now. The first one is of an accident that we saw one day while we were walking. We didn´t see any ambulance or any people there, so it looks like by the time we got there anyone that was hurt was already gone. It was interesting though. I haven´t seen an accident for a long time. The next picture is of me this morning, I took it right before coming to do internet. I hope you like it. The next one is a picture that a little girl in our english class drew a few weeks ago, it was for Elder Parry and I. I´m the one saying "Prrrrr..." I was trying to teach them how to say purple. The next one is one that a member took when Elder Parry was down here, and because of the son it looks like I´m an angel. It was funny, so I copied it from her camera. It almost looks like Elder Parry and Elder Estrada are companions, and then they have the Holy Ghost with them. Anyways, that´s it for pictures this week. I hope you enjoy them, and ask mom and dad if you want to see them.
So this past week was a bit crazy. First off, on Wednesday morning Elder Estrada went up to Lleida and didn´t get back until Thursday afternoon. So all day Wednesday I was with either Fabio, a member, or Armando, another member. Then at night Armando took me to the train station, and I went to Valencia where I met the zone leaders and spent the night there with them. Then on Thursday morning the zone leaders took me back to the train station and I came back out to Castellón and met Fabio. Fabio was with me all morning, then I was with Armando in the afternoon until Elder Estrada got back. The worse part is that Elder Estrada had problems with getting everything done, so he´s going to have to back up in a week or two. I´m not sure if I´ll be here or not though when that happens. We´ll see what happens. Transfers are this upcoming week and I´m a little worried I´ll be transferred, but we´ll see. People can still send stuff here, but don´t send it after Tuesday probably. I´ll let you know next Tuesday if I was transferred or if I stayed. Anyways, this past week we got a new family of investigators. We were only able to visit them once though, so that´s kind of lame. Hopefully we´ll be able to visit them again this week. We just visited with that dad, José Antonio, and two of his kids, Juan David and Laura. His wife, Jenny, and his other son, José Antonio, weren´t able to be there. We also got a ton of references this past week. A lot of our references came from some members that went out yesterday and contacted in the park for a couple hours. So that was nice. THey even set a cita up for us. We´ll see how it all goes. That´s good to get references like that, but they´re a little less certain, since they´re references from a contact, and not actual friends of the members. We´ll see how it all turns out though. Alex is doing well. He has an interview set up for the Priesthood this week, and he´ll be able to get it this next Sunday. I also visited with Edith and Paul, I do´nt know if you remember them, but they´re a family that Elder Hancock and I started teaching, but they just did´nt progress enough. Anyways, they´re still about the same, so it was fun to visit with them, but they´re not prepared yet. Edith´s baby should´ve been born just a couple days ago though, so maybe that´ll help her.
Our class about missionary work continues going well too. WE had like 14 people show up this past week. It seems like there´s always new people. So that´s nice. Oh, I was going to tell you guys some things that maybe you don´t know about life here in Spain. FIrst one, it´s always so hot at night, and all we have is a fan, so we always have to sleep with all the windows open. It´s not a huge deal, except both Elder Estrada and I have bug bites all over our arms and legs, and we get new ones every night/morning. It´s interesting. It´s not bad though. There´s cockroaches here, but in our piso we don´t have any. We have a nicer piso, so they´re not in our building, but we see them on the street occassionally. The worse was today I was writing a letter and I was sitting on my bed and I saw the smallest spider I´ve ever seen crawling around and I realized there are probably quite a few of those on my bed and such,a nd that´s probably what I´m being bit by, so I washed my sheets. Hopefully that helps a bit. Anyways, this past week we also had an ispection by one of President Hinckley´s counselors. He just came after church to look at our piso and all, and it was good. So that was good. Well, I can´t think of much else to say, so I¨m going to go ahead and end this, but I hope you all have fantastic weeks and I´ll write you next Tuesday. ¡Chao!
-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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