Family and friends!!!! How´s everyone doing? Things are going great here, more or less. I´ll talk a bit about why it´s not, but overall it´s good. I´m going to start with some pictures though. Okay, first off is of Elder Hunsaker and Dayana. Dayana is Dana´s older sister, Damaris´s (my mom here in Palma) daughter. She´s not a member, yet. Dayana´s birthday was the 28th of December and my companions was the 30th of December, so on the 29th we had a little dinner for both of them combined. The next four pictures are of us with New Year´s Eve. We ate with Damaris, Dayana, and Dana, and Luis (a member in the branch) came as well. So the second picture is of me with Lobster (one of the food items we ate). The next is of Elder Hunsaker, Elder Keeler, and Elder Bennington. The next is of Damaris, Dayana, Dana, and Luis. The next is of me eating octopus. It was a pretty good meal, except that I don´t like sea food, but it wasn´t bad. It was a fun experience. I feel bad though because I know she probably spent A TON of money on that meal. She loves us I guess. Okay, now I¨m going to attach some other pictures. Okay, so these next five are from today, Preparation Day. Okay, so the first one is of me in an archway at the castle that´s by the cathedral here in Palma, the next is of a window thing, and I´m inside of it if you zoom in. The next is of me with a giant bubble coming at me (there was a guy doing it trying to get money, so we took some pictures and left a bit of money in his hat), the next is of Elder Hunsaker and I walking down one of the narrow streets in black and white, and the last is of me in the Arab Baths (this place that was made by the arabs in the 10th century). It was a fun preparation day.

Okay, so I hope you enjoy my pictures. So new stuff this week. We started teaching a few new people. One of them is named Peter from Nigeria, another is named Encarna from here in Spain, and the other is a lady named Elizabeth who used to come to English Classes, she´s doing really well. Anyways, so as you saw from the pictures, we went to Damaris´s this past week to celebrate my companion and Dayana´s birthdays. It was a lot of fun. Then we went back two days later for New Year´s Eve. We couldn´t stay until midnight, but we could until 11:30, so that was fun. For midnight we were in our piso, actually on top of the building. It was crazy. At midnight everyone started launching big fireworks. THey were exploding right by us. I dropped to the ground a couple times because they were exploding like 20 feet away right at our eyelevel. It felt like being in a war zone, but it was a fun experience. I made a 10 minute video you can see when I come home. Anyways, the dinner with Damaris, Dayana, and Dana was a lot of fun. We ate A TON of food. We started with salad and turkey, then she brought out squid (I was super nervous, but it wasn´t bad), then we ate lobster, then octopus, then a bunch of shell fish. It was crazy and I was stuffed at the end, and I learned to eat lots of seafood. It was a lot of fun though. Damaris, Dayana, and Dana all dressed up too since it was new years eve, so we weren´t the only one dressed up this time. All four of us missionaries went, as well as a guy named Luis (he´s a member that helps us a lot). He´s not married or anything and has no family here, so he goes with us to places on holidays. Anyways, so that´s that. Before that though, on Friday we had this amazing cita with Dayana and she realized she´d received an answer and said she´d been thinking about it and that she wanted me to baptize her before I left. I can hardly even explain how happy I was. My goal has been to help her get baptized before I leave. So we set the baptismal date for this Saturday. Then this past Sunday she didn´t come, so we called her and she said she had to go work in a place far away, and long story short, she probably won´t be able to come back, and probably won´t be able to be baptized this week. I had the hardest hour of my mission after that. It was crazy. I literally just wanted to cry the whole time during fast and testimony meeting. I still don´t know what´s going to happen, but I guess we´ll see what we can do. I´ll let you know next week. I think I¨ll probably be transferred this week, but maybe not. Hey, I¨m sorry, but because of attaching the pictures, I´m really short on time now. I hope you all have fantastic weeks though. I bought presents for many of you today, since this may be my last Preparation Day in Mallorca. You´ll see what they are in June. Our other investigators are doing okay, but no one is doing super good right now. Junior and Juan didn´t come to church, so we need to reset their baptismal dates. Anyways, I¨m going to go now, but have fantastic weeks and I´ll write more next week. ¡Chao!

-Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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