Hello everyone! How´s everyone doing back home? Things are going good for me today. I got two letters with three weeks of letters from Jen today. I still haven´t read them yet, but it was a long time without getting anything because of the move, so that made me happy. Anyways, this week is going well. I have a list of some things I want to say, so if this email doesn´t sound very orderly, sorry. Okay, so first things first I made a Christmas Countdown this past week! I made it just like normal. I have a star in the middle, then the pattern, red green red green yellow... repeated with the rings. It´s good. The next CDs of pictures I send home will have them on it. I´ll probably send another CD in January, or end of December. The other thing, we went to Cantan por los Ángeles. That´s where we go and sing for everyone that´s going home. So we did that. I got to meet Elder Johnson (my trainer)´s family. So that was a lot of fun. I also saw a bunch of people I knew from Cornella, and I got to see Elder Bodily (my companion in the CCM), and a bunch of other friends. So that was a lot of fun. So if you ever meet an Aaron Johnson, he´s going to go to BYU next semester, he was my trainer. You could try and call him I guess if you want to talk to him, but I don´t know his info. Sorry. Also, just so you know, President Hill, the President in the Spain CCM is going home in December if I remember correctly. You should keep an eye open for that and go meet him when he´s home. He lives in Springville and he´s a really good guy. Okay, also, I don´t know if I told you guys, but our mission has a goal to have 400 baptisms by the end of the year. We´re at about 345 right now I believe, so I hope we can do it. Now the good news for Vilafranca... We´re going to add 3 to that number this weekend! We´re going to baptize Susanna, Karlita, and Raquel. Susana´s 23, Karlita´s 17, and Raquel´s (Karlita´s younger sister) is 14. So that´s good. Susana will be baptized this Friday at 7, and Karlita and Raquel this Saturday at 11. I´m super excited for them. We have to teach them tithing and have the interview, but other than that, everything´s set. So keep them in your prayers this next week. So yeah. It was interesting, this past week we learned that all of them had problems with the word of wisdom. One with coffee, one with tea, and one with tobacco. They´ve all dropped what they were taking though. They´re all amazing. They all had testimonies and had received answers to their prayers before we taught any of the commandments so it´s been relatively easy for them to follow the commandments, because they know what we´re saying in true. So yeah, everything´s going well there. We´re still working with Montse (Susana´s mom). She could be baptized the week after, except she and her pareja, spouse maybe ?, aren´t married yet. They´re working on it though. Hopefully they can get married really fast, then we can get her baptized, and maybe him too. We´re also going to start working with Karlita and Raquel´s parents. I don´t know if I told you, but the branch had a goal of 10 baptisms for the year. So far we´re at six, so after this week we´ll be at 9. I think we´re going to do it. It´s really cool too because last year they only had 1, now we´re going to get 10. Anyways, that´s the gist of my week. I´m sure there´s more to say, but like always I´m short on time. Oh, I guess I´ll say a few more things. We´re singing with the ward choir for a christmas concert for the community and guess what, the songs are in Catalan. So I´m going to know how to sing Joy to the World and one other song that we don´t have in English in Catalan. Crazy huh? Well, I think that´s all for now, but know that I´m loving the mission, and there´s nothing that could be better for me right now at this time of my life. Have fantastic weeks. ¡Chao!

-Elder Sommerfeldt

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