Family! How´s everyone doing? Things are going really well here for me. I´m in the new piso and it´s super nice. Just for example, I have a king size bed! It´s so fun. I also have two pillows that cost 120 euros each, and they´re the memory foam pillows. It´s so nice. Me and my companion each have our own bathroom, and each bathroom has a shower and two sinks. In our living room we have a super nice couch, a chimney, automatic blind things. Wow. It´s super nice, that´s the gist of it. And we´re paying 5 euros less each month than we were in the old one. The next CD or DVD I send back will have a video of it on it. So yeah. Okay, Roberto didn´t get baptized this past week... He didn´t pass the interview. He´s had some problems that came out in the interview, and he´s not really repentant at all. We weren´t going to baptize him, because we didn´t think he was ready, so we called the Ayudantes and told them, and they told us get him baptized this Saturday. So we did all we could, but when they don´t pass the interview, what can you do. This past week, so that Roberto could have the interview, I left on Intercambios. I went to Lleida for a day. It´s about 3 hours away. In the piso I stayed at for a night there were cockroaches all over in the kitchen! I saw probably about 20 or so at night. It was pretty grose. But I´m gone from there now, so that´s good. But when I was there I was younger in the mission than the other missionary, but I speak better spanish than him,so I was basically the senior companion. I had to do all the calls on the phone, lead all the lessons, etc. It went really good though. We had one lesson where it was so good, the spirit was so strong, and I´m certain if the missionaries there do everything right she, Nurka, will be baptized. Anyways, back to my own area. Susana (23 years old), Karlita (17 years old), and Raquel (14 years old and sister of Karlita) are all doing really really well. They´ve all received answers and are all going to be baptized the 28th of November. They all came to church this past week and all really enjoyed it. It was way good. I don´t see anything getting in the way of their baptisms. Susana´s mom, Montse, still has a baptismal date, but it´s now Dec. 5th, because she couldn´t come to church this past week. So we´ll see how everything continues there. But yeah, things are going really well with all of them now. This past week we had interviews with President Hinckley. He told me everything he´s heard is that I´m doing really well. So that was nice to hear. I´m doing my best, so it´s good to hear a compliment occasionally. But yeah. Things are going well. This past week was the transfer change, that´s why I´m writing on Tuesday this week. My and my companion Elder Morales are both staying,but he´s now the District Leader, which means we´ll be doing a lot moreintercambios in the future. So we´ll see how that goes. Well, sorry this is short, but I think I need to go to write all the individuals now. But yeah, I´m going good here, and have fun with everything that´s going on in yourlives. Have a good week. ¡Chao! -Elder Sommerfeldt

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