Family (and anyone else that reads this)! How are you all doing? Things are going well here for me. We have an investigator that we just about set a baptismal date for, but her boyfriend (who´s a member) is going to be out of town when we had the date. So now she has to look through her work schedule to try and find a time that works, that´s exciting though. It will be my first real baptism. I don´t know if I told you, but technically I have one baptism, just because the person was taught a little before I got here, went to Uruguay to be baptized by a friend, but it went down in the books as our baptism. Anyways though, the one that will hopefully be baptized here soon is living with her boyfriend. We haven´t taught her the Law of Chastity yet, that´s this Wednesday. The guy knows it´s coming, we told him, so we´ll see how they take it... Hopefully good. I think they would both want to get married, but the guys married to someone else, and she won´t sign a divorce with him, so he can´t get married to the girl we´re teaching. It´ll all work out though, I have faith. Let´s see, everything else is going well. The nine-year old we still haven´t been able to visit with. Her mom works 4 jobs and has virtually no time that we can go by. We´ll figure something out though. One of the less active (but they´ve been quite active since we started visiting them) families is doing well. We´re teaching the boyfriend of one of the daughters, and he seems interested. We´ve only taught him about The Book of Mormon so far though. But we have 2 citas with them this week. Okay, onto things I wrote down that are interesting to tell you. We´re really close to the ocean I figured out. This past week we were in Castelldefels and we were on the bus. For about a mile it just drives along the beach/ocean. It was quite hard knowing that I have to wait at least 2 years to go there... Oh well though. The language is coming along well. The members tell me that they can see a difference each time they see me, because I see most of them like once or twice a week is all. So yeah, that´s good. Oh, with the beach being so close, there´s also palm trees all over, so that´s cool too. Let´s see, what else, oh, on all of the windows here they have these shutter things that are like inside the wall somehow outside the building, and you can close them from the inside. They slide down over the window and it gets pitch black. They´re like metal shutters that are designed so they don´t leave any gaps for light to get in. So that´s cool too. Also, I was looking in the January Liahona for this year and I saw a picture in the church news section. Guess who was in it... President Clarke (Kevin´s mission president). That was interesting. It was some thing with Panama. That was fun though. Oh, it´s been raining a lot lately. It´s crazy. It just pours and pours. The streets become like rivers almost. But yeah, that´s my life here. Well, I´m going to go ahead and end this now, but know that I´m doing well here and everything is going well for me. ¡Hasta la proxima semana! Elder Ryan Sommerfeldt

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